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Jodi Snyder has a wide range of Services.

Our specialty is untangling knots in karmic relationships, soulmates, and twin flames. 

Check out our menu of readings below: 

Tarot Readings


The tarot is a wonderful tool for bringing clarity and insight into "the big picture" as well as providing direction and guidance for specific questions. A tarot reading can be shaped to address virtually any query and/or situation. My personal favorite!

Palm Reading


Did you know the lines in your hands change markedly over time to reflect your progress along lifes' pathways? A palm reading generally describes a persons' character and notes some of your mountains and milestones.



Tea Leaf Readings

"Your destiny in a cup" Delicious and fun, a tea reading shows symbols and pictures that suggest scenes from your past, present and future. Great for parties.

Rune Readings

The "Elder Futhark" alphabet of the Old Norse is inscribed on a set of stones. Each of the letters symbolize one of the Gods or Goddesses from Viking mythology representing various archetypes and legends. By "casting" the runestones randomly onto a tabletop the patterns formed can be interpreted in a divination.


Psychic Readers

at your next event!

We are happy to come to your next event and entertain your guests with our vast knowledge of Tarot, Runes, Palm, and Tea Leaf Readings and other Stand Up Philosophy.  Your next party will be remembered for many life times!

" All of my readings are specifically crafted for each individual Seeker and their circumstances. Even after more than 45 years of practice, I am still often just as surprised by the information that comes out of a session as is my client! "
- Jodi Snyder
Astrological Charts

A natal horoscope is cast based on the positions of the planets in our solar system along with that of certain asteroids at the time and place of birth. Charts can also be cast for life events such as weddings, business ventures and partnerships as well as composite/charts for couples. Astrology is probably our oldest science and mystical art.

Lenormand (French Style) Cartomancy

This european deck of 36 symbol cards became popular around the salons and drawing rooms of France and Germanys' upper class in the early 1800's and are making a resurgence in the Western world today for their use in making predictions regarding mundane and everyday events.


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